Module Signing, signature, certificate, asymmetric key, SQL Server, T-SQL, TSQL, SQLCLR, SQL# 2018-2-21 19-27
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Module Signing, signature, certificate, asymmetric key, SQL Server, T-SQL, TSQL, SQLCLR, SQL#
  1. SQL Server Chain Permission
  2. What minimum permissions do I need to provide to a user so that it can check the status of SQL Server Agent Service?
  3. Role to view SQL server job log
  4. Is it possible to add a certificate to a database role?
  5. Assigning permissions for sysmail_update_account_sp
  6. SSDT Schema Comparison for Stored Procedure signed by a Certificate
  7. Find signed procedures, functions, triggers, assemblies and by which certificates / asymmetric keys
  8. stored procedure can select and update tables in other databases - minimal permissions granted
  9. Is there a way in SQL Server to make a table only able to insert by trigger?
  10. Use of IMPERSONATE permissions in SQL Server?
  11. Creating a helper UDF or stored procedure and limiting external access
  12. Why isn't the ASYMKEY_ID function returning the Asymmetric Key ID?
  13. Stored procedure security with execute as, cross database queries, and module signing
  14. Impersonate user or login mapped to certificate
  15. Is there a way to give GRANT OPTION recursively for subsets of permissions?
  16. SQL Server Impersonation is just NOT working
  17. How to tell if Database Certificate Used?
  18. Giving Special Permissions to a Stored Procedure in SQL Server
  19. How do I check that the database master key encryption is valid?
  20. DB Master Key Encrypted By *Correct* Service Master Key?
  21. Permissions in triggers when using cross database certificates
  22. Can't use msdb.dbo.sp_send_dbmail when in service broker - executes as guest?
  23. Permissions not allowing Update or Select on a trigger executed function
  24. Server role with permission to create server login
  25. Grant a database role in current database with permission to execute a SP in msdb
  26. How do I create databases / logins / users with minimal privileges when installing an application?
  27. What minimum permissions and/or roles must a SQL Server login possess to be able to grant database db_datareader role to other logins?
  28. Access view based on table in another database without account in that other database

Module Signing, SQL Server, certificate, signature, certificate, asymmetric key, T-SQL, TSQL, SQLCLR, SQL# 2018-2-21 19-27